A Bit of History and What We Do

Lloyd's interest in Orchids began about 36 years ago when at 14 he use to go to the Orchid Shows in the Sutherland Shire to view the Flowers with his Mum,doing landscaping with his Dad in School Holidays gave him an interest in plants. At 17 Lloyd moved to a place that had a massive natural plant of Dock. liguiforme, well that set the hook. A few orchids were purchased over the years till Lloyd got his own place then he had some room to fill.

Looking to landscape my new home the only sizeable orchids I could get were Bush Collected and I weren't too keen on them so a germ of an idea was struck.(But I'm A Fitter Machinist with a mortgage -remember that 17.5 %- busy with my music and running the local Boy's Brigade). After some advice from Ted and Barb Gregory, Kevin Black and Greg Bryant I was able to get the direction I needed to achieve my goal and that was to supply The Sydney Pot plant Trade with seed raised Native Orchids. It was at this stage Lloyd teamed up with Mandy who jumped on board.

Lloyd did Horticulture and Ag. Studies and we grew cymbidiums for the Cut flowers and pot plants while we built our native collection by buying Flasks and Seedlings .This was my 'Apprenticeship in Nursery Management. The Cymbids went years ago to allow me to get into my passion - Natives. I'm very proud to say that now we have been selling our native orchids for just over 15 years to the Sydney Pot plant trade. It was at this early stage that we had our biggest disaster,coming home one night (We lived in the Royal National Park) we had our orchid house filled with feral deer who ate all our sarcochilus to the pot - 30 metres of benching. This put our Sarcs way back and we just could not afford to restock so we developed our dendrobium and I sulked in regards to my sarcs-(pretty devoted).

13 years ago we moved from the Royal National Park South of Sydney to our present location on the Mid North Coast. We're midway between Taree and Port Macquarie,up in the hills of the hinterland (I think I'm bit of a Hillbilly). Our Nursery has just over 1000m2 of covered area for our native orchids,about half of this is for Lloyd's private stock (He is starting to realize he is taking up a bit too much space for his hobby). We have been breeding stock for a number of years and put out a Seedling Catalogue and a couple of Division lists each year. A lot of effort has gone in to building a collection of plants suited to our breeding programs. In our breeding we look for plants that have a good growth rate and produce a well rounded plant. Blooms are to have distinct color,be of good shape and be well presented. Most of our breeding is for compact plants as my ultimate goal is lovely 'coffee table plants'.