D7 – 1 – Den. Wild Thing - Remake – D. Australian Red ‘Beef Jerky’ x speciosum var. speci. ‘Windermere’

A cross we did a number of years ago. The results were such that I had to do it again. Have used the same Pod parent, the pollen this time. Comes from ‘Windermere’.

Well, shaped, colorful blooms with good lips on strong spikes and good presentation. Heavy textured progeny.
D7 – 2 – Den. Meddle - Remake - D. Double Joy ‘Pink Cloud’ X speciosum var. curvicaule (Blake x Winsome) ‘Mother’

A remake I did a few years ago, - the result was very, very impressive.

I’ve redone the cross with the same pod parent and pollen from a new speciosum that is awesome. It is Rare that I have been able to get a pod on Double Joy
D7 – 3 – D. Brinawa Charm ‘GEP’ x speciosum var. grandi. ‘Rhodry’

A new cross, I’ve used both parents before and had great results. Thought they would be good together. Expect the yellow of ‘Rhodry’ to darken the color of the Brinawa Charm and add a few flowers to the spike.
D7 – 4 – Den. speciosum var. grandiflorum ‘Creek Aureum’ x Yondi Tina ‘Goliath’ FCC/AOC

These, bred by a friend of mine will be excellent Yellows. Both parents are proven as producers of quality progeny. Stunners here.
D7 – 5 – Remake – D. Andrew Persson - D. speciosum var. speci. ‘National White’ x falcorostrum

A wonderful hybrid. The use of ‘National White’ is exciting, I love the progeny that it produces. Sparkling, Highly Fragrant, Whites.

D7 – 6 – D. Essie Banks ‘Pineapple’ x speciosum v. grandiflorum ‘Creek Aureum’ -

Yellows with Heavy Texture. A cross with great potential.

All seedlings are in 50mm pots @ $9 each

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1 - 3 seedlings - $10
4 - 9 seedlings - $12
10 - 15 seedlings - $15